Extra Info...

✟ Age: 23

✟ Birthday: September

✟ Status: Taken ♡

✟ Location: Barovia

Fun Facts...

✟ Fav Color: Purple

✟ Fav Animal: Giraffes

✟ Fav Candy: Crunch Bar

✟ Fav Icecream: Vanilla

My name is D. I'm your local virtual vampire who spends too much free time on the internet. I have a lot of hobbies and am always on some new kick every other week or so, so there is a lot of varying content on this website.

I’m mostly interested in mid / late 1990’s to mid 2010’s videogames, comics, anime, and cartoons. I’m also an avid collector of many things. Some of those things include amiibos, pokemon cards, anime figures & acrylic stands, charms & buttons, plushes, transformers, funko pops, and also fictional crushes. My other hobbies and interests include model kits, shiny hunting in pokemon, dating/otome games, and drawing. I’ll be talking about my various interests, favorite characters, and generally talking about my life. I’m really excited to find comfort in this website and hope everyone enjoys reading my antics.

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