Your local virtual vampire D here!
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21 | They/Them | ☼ Virgo | ☾ Capricorn | ↑ Libra

Hello there. My name is Dlameha but, you can also call me D. I’m your local virtual vampire, I spend a lot of time on the internet especially since I recently graduated college. My boyfriend encouraged me to carve out a space for myself on the internet. He’s been a major help setting up the website.

I’m very interested in mid / late 1990’s to early 2010’s videogames, anime, and cartoons. I’m also an avid collector of many things. Some of those things include amiibos, pokemon cards, anime figures & acrylic stands, charms & buttons, plushes, transformers, funko pops, and apparently also fictional crushes. I plan to include some of my collections on my website so feel free to look at them there. My other hobbies and interests include model kits, trading card games (pokemon, force of will, yu-gi-oh, etc), shiny hunting in pokemon, dating/otome games, and drawing.

I’ll be infodumping about interests, favorite characters, and generally talking about my life. I’m really excited to find comfort in this website and hope everyone enjoys reading my antics.

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