"Gambit" (1993) -/4

"Red Hood & the Outlaws" and "Red Hood: Outlaw" (2016-2018) -/104

Goal: Every Standard Issue & Variant Covers

I've always liked comics as a kid, I loved reading the stories they told that matched up to the cartoon characters I used to watch. However, starting in 2023, I begun collecting them. Funny enough, I used to only like Marvel and just started branching out into DC (though mostly for Jason Todd). With my collection getting larger and larger, I wanted a place to show them off!

On the right, you can click to see my collection. I have a few serieses I'm attempting to get every issue of, so I also use it to keep track of what I'm missing. If you hover over a comic, you can see information about it. On the left is progress bars showing how close I am to completing a series and what I'm currently focused on. Below, you can see my grails and wishlist of comics I hope to add to my collection one day.

Grails / Wishlist!

Uncanny X-Men #266 (1990) - 1st Appearance of Gambit

Aquired raw copy in May 2023