Welcome to my little corner of the world-wide web. I made this website March 9th, 2022 with the intent to freely express myself and my interests. I also use this website to document my real life collections and progress through games.

Feel free to use the buttons above to learn more about me. The links on the right will direct you to different pages on this site regarding my collections, interests and other things. On the left, you can see what I'm currently up to and get in touch with me. You can also leave me a comment in the chatbox. Below, you'll see the webrings and cliques I'm part of! Overall, I hope you enjoy my website and have safe travels, my friend!

12.11.23|| Reworking graphics & the apperence on other browsers.

7.30.23|| Updated self ship and fave character pages. Also posted new entry onto Genshin Diary.

6.15.23|| Updated home page and currently updating page graphics to be coherent! New update and to-do containers!

5.22.23|| Working on TCG and comic collection pages and current revamps to Gambit and Red Hood shrines.

• Make New Site Button

• Have Webrings change Name + Site Button

• Finish Gambit Shrine

• Update Red Hood Shrine

• Update TCG and Comic Collection Pages