The Brave Police J-Decker is my favorite anime of all time! It is a very important series to me and is a franchise that I hold very dear to my heart!

What is Brave Police J-Decker? To first understand that- you have to understand what the Brave Series is! The Brave series is a franchise that came out of the time shortly after Takara ended the G1 Transformers storyline when they partnered with the Animation Studio Sunrise (famous for mecha like Gundam). The Brave series is a major reason why we still have the Super Robot genre today! I love the Brave series a whole lot, however, the titles most people know are Exkaiser (1990) and GaoGaiGar (1997-2016). So not many people pay attention to Brave Police J-Decker which came out in 1994. Brave Police J-Decker is the fifth entry in the series, following Brave Express Might Gaine and followed by The Brave of Gold Goldran. Brave Police is my personal all-time favorite and it makes me happy I get to share it with you!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the “Is This a Pigeon?” meme comes from a Brave Series? It’s from The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird (1991)!

The story is around a young boy named Yuta who stumbles upon a humanoid robot, Deckerd, who was made for the Japanese Police Force. Yuuta interacting with him created a robotic "heart" much to the force's surprise! Due to this and the two's partnership, Yuta became the boss of the "Brave Police Force". We watch him and Deckerd make new friends and preform heroic acts all while getting to see their friendship progress. We also get to see all the robots learn more and more about themselves and what it means to have a heart.

In my opinion, Brave Police is a fantastic and easy way to be introduced to the super robot franchise! The story eases you into the plot of the show, so you don't get too overwhelmed, which I feel most Brave Series shows didn’t excel at. The characters are very charming, and you get attached very quickly! The human interaction with the robots is all so sweet and I feel like it has some of the best characterization of the robot characters in all the Brave Series. There’s a character for everyone to enjoy and the relationship between Yuta and Deckered is so sweet and emotional!

You can actually enjoy the full series subbed on Youtube by following this link!

I’m very thankful to own a few pieces of J-Decker merch including Atsuko Ishida’s Art Book (Character Designer and Animator on Brave Police!) as well as the Dengeki Data Collection: Brave Police J-Decker Guidebook which includes full character profiles from the main cast to the villains and costume changes from the show! I’m also currently waiting on my preorder of the BP-119 Duke Model kit to arrive! I also made the stamps you see on this page! If you want to collect them credit is very appreciated.

If you can’t tell from my url, my favorite character is BP-119 Duke! He is incredibly important to me and is one of my favorite characters of all time. He appears in episode 25 so if you're new to this series you won't be seeing him for a bit. Duke is very similar to Deckerd, he was made to further the police force in England and then sent to Japan to aid in the Brave Police division. Duke has to step up as the leader of the group during Deckerd's disappearance, much to the dismay of the other robots. Duke at the time refused to express emotion and was overall very stubborn to the idea showing compassion or sympathy. Duke must learn the value of emotional connections with the others and how his emotions will affect his choices regardless how much he tries to ignore them. Duke is an amazing character and has a very interesting contrasting narrative to Deckerd considering their different relationships with their human companions.

Fun Fact: Duke's number is 119 (Japan's Emergency Number) because he is an ambulance!