I started watching GX early 2022 and I absolutely fell in love with these three characters so much so I felt like the only way to showcase them is through their own shrine. I was actually recommended to watch the show purely because my boyfriend told me that I'd really enjoy Ryo's character. It ended up being true and then I promptly fell inlove with Fubuki during his apperences in Season 1. Come Yusuke's apperence in Season 4 - the same happened for him. These characters mean a whole lot to me and I love them to bits. I think their history and their seperate characters are all so charming, but it is especially cute on the rare chance getting to see them interact. I self ship with the three of them and I talk about it quite a bit!

Each character has an indivual shrine so feel free to check them out!

Names: Fubuki Tenjoin | Atticus Rhodes

Nicknames: Blizzard Prince | Fubu-King

Age: ~17-19

Height: ~185cm | 6'

Dormitory: Obelisk Blue

Names: Ryo Marufuji | Zane Truesdale

Nicknames: Kaiser Ryo | Hell Kaiser / Ryo

Age: 17-19

Height: 184.7cm | 6'

Dormitory: Obelisk Blue

Names: Yusuke Fujiwara

Nicknames: N/A

Age: ~19

Height:~185cm | 6'

Dormitory: Obelisk Blue