This is my lovely collection of fictional others and art I've commissioned/drawn/been gifted of my S/I and them!

I've been self shipping for many years, but just recently joined the online community. I used to be really self conscious about this and within the original goal of this website - this is something that makes me really happy and I want to truly embrace it. I have a lot of F/Os who I love very much and this page is dedicated to showing them off!

Q: What is Self Shipping?
A: Self Shipping simply shipping yourself or a character made to represent you with a character from media. This can be an original character, a character from a movie or book, anything really.
Q: What do these terms (ex: f/o & s/i) mean?
A: Fictional Other, F/O, is the character you ship yourself with! Your Self Insert, S/I, is the character made to represent you.

crabclamcockle | mel_tinii | wiki2world | rpnzei | koobiie

anotherfishguy (sebastian won't stop drawing my ship help help h-)

Main F/O's! These are F/O's who are extremely important to me!